Handmade Chocolate

Handmade Chocolate

Have you ever received a stunning chocolate box from someone, and never ate 90% chocolates from that box? Let's be straightforward for an instant. Most of the time, we never like each piece of chocolate inside the box, as much as we love the stunning chocolate box. When it comes to the unique taste and quality, nothing can beat our deliciously decadent homemade chocolates that are Melbourne made. At Elregalo our tasty homemade chocolates comprise the freshly hand-picked ingredients. And because our whole creative collection of chocolates is purely handmade. We prepare chocolates in small batches and do not add the preservatives and additives that need to be added when chocolates are mass-produced to keep for a long time. All of our recipes are incredibly lip-smacking because they are perfected after making mix after mix after mix until we get the tastier version to meet our taste standards.

Handmade Chocolate Delivery

Are you looking for the fastest chocolate delivery service in Melbourne? Don't have time to visit different chocolate shops and compare prices? Relax, at Elregalo we have got you covered with the fastest shipping, premium quality chocolates and gifts at affordable prices. Being the most revered chocolatier in Melbourne, we proudly offer flexible chocolate delivery options across Melbourne, including same-day and next-day chocolate delivery depending on the time and distance. Please don't forget to place an order before 2:00 PM in case you need to buy or send chocolates today (we deliver chocolates Monday to Sunday across Melbourne). Sending or buying chocolate with us is hassle-free so that you can satisfy your sweet cravings with just a few clicks. Browse through our website www.elregalo.com.au to search a whole range of chocolates and other luxury chocolate gift boxes and baskets for all occasions from anniversaries, appreciation, birthdays, Halloween, Easter, Holidays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. And when it comes to flavours and a wide range of options, we are not behind other chocolate shops. We offer a premium selection of unique mouthwatering flavours that include luxurious chocolate truffles, tantalizing homemade chocolate bars in different flavours, creamy white chocolate fudge, buttery milk chocolates, delightful gourmet chocolate eggs, beautiful gift boxes and handcrafted Belgian gift boxes, and yummy gourmet bars with nut toppings and much more.

Handmade Chocolate Melbourne

Our history, customer reviews, credentials and expertise in producing handcrafted Belgian chocolates with the quality and care make us unique in the city of artisan handmade chocolate making. Our skilled team of chocolatiers is knowledgeable and passionate about their skill, and they ensure that each piece of homemade chocolate meets the taste and quality standards to differentiate them from mass-produced ones. At Elregalo, we are dedicated to producing genuinely homemade chocolate by hand with pure chocolate, high-quality ingredients, without any additional additives, stabilizers and artificial colourings. Because we consider fresh ingredients can make handmade chocolates unique in taste. And our customers' reviews are the testament of our heavenly decadent chocolate creations. For making our homemade chocolate delicious, we have developed a consistent process of sourcing fresh ingredients that include short supply chains and building good partnerships with our pure couverture chocolate suppliers, both local and global. We only use fine chocolate made only with pure cocoa butter (without vegetable fats), and we make sure to don't use beans to make our whole host of chocolate creations because our sole aim is to delight our valued customers with the resulting tastier handcrafted chocolates. Experience the rich taste of our delectably creamy handmade chocolates that are purely Melbourne made and serve Melbourne only. Order Truly Homemade Chocolates Now! Phone: 04 5257 1012